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Main » 2009 » July » 24 » Spanish omelet
Spanish omelet
As you know, Spanish omelet (Tortilla) recipe use
a lot of olive oil!
Olive oil is healthy, but don't you mind about
This recipe use minimum oil, and we don't need to
cook this with special pan.

Try this simple spanish omelet!
It's good for sandwitch filling.


potato              2 (about 600g)----------cut in
2 cm.
egg                  6                    
----------beat well
olive oil             2 tablespoon
consommé cube  1/2     
salt and pepper      


1. Put potato in microwave about 8 min till it become soft enough.
2. crush consommé, and add it to egg.
3. Add (1) to (2), and mix well using potato masher. Add salt and
4. Set cooking paper in mold and put olive oil.

5. Put (5) in the oven.
6 Cook about 20 min 180º.

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